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You graduated university five years ago, for all the good it did you. Your life has been on pause since then - stuck at the same convenience store job, coming home to an empty apartment and eating the same takeout, every night. Somewhere along the way, you stopped dreaming and resigned yourself to loneliness.

A young woman is rummaging through the garbage, She seems like a runaway. A hot meal puts the smile back on her face, and she affectionately nicknames you “Boss.” There are troubles she won't open up about, betraying the brave face she puts on. It's supposed to rain tonight.

Maybe she'd like somewhere warm to sleep and figure things out? Maybe you'll remember this as the day the fire in your heart was rekindled...

Nekodeito is a lovey dovey romance visual novel with healthy helpings of comedy and eroticism!

  • Take care of the affectionate catgirl, Machiko, and she'll look after you in turn!
  • Go on dates, share meals, and spend "special time" together!
  • Fully interactive catgirl petting sim!
  • Beautiful sprites - with five outfits, multiple poses, and dozens of expressions for Machiko!
  • Eight CGs with more than 25 variations.
  • 100 percent original art and music, with English voiceover!
  • Adult content including but not limited to: kissing, hand holding, saying "I love you" and sex.


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